Sunday, May 19, 2019

Living Your Word: TRUST: Joy

I have a Pinterest board just for ideas on making journals, and I discovered Valerie Sjodin's website and was completely entranced! In my master's program for counseling, I was able to take a class with a Dr. Todd, who specialized in art therapy, and while the course itself was not about that, we had a weekly assignment that involved keeping an art journal.  I cannot say I enjoyed that part of the class; I am a word person, not an artist. It's not just about lack of talent; I don't enjoy it.  Still, knowing that I would  probably be obligated to do something like this if I took the class with Dr. Todd was actually part of my motivation for choosing her class.  I believe strongly in the value of journaling, and in a culture that far values visual art over the written word, I knew for the sake of future clients in counseling it would be good to have a personal experience with art journaling.  
Back to Valerie's work.  Valerie's incorporation of scripture and Biblical wisdom in her art journaling really excited me, and inspired me, at least at some level, to want to be more creative with my stamping, and maybe try to somehow include it with journaling.  I thought about it off and on for months, but my record when it comes to actually maintaining a journal is fairly non-existent! More importantly, I am a word person, not an artist, nor do I even desire to be artistic. (I’ll be frank … not only was I the last kid in elementary school to manage to color inside the lines, I was once kicked out of an art class for incompetence!)  I am happy creating wallpaper covered journals for others to use, and using stamps and dies for any artistic leanings!
While exploring her site again one evening, I realized she had a facebook group in which members chose a word for a year to art journal with, then added a second word in every two weeks, based on the letters of the alphabet, to interact with that word of the year. A challenge is always helpful to me when I need motivation to create, and perhaps this was it. Because “joy” is such an important theme to me, one would think that I would choose that for my word. That was, in fact, my plan when I first heard of this idea. It occurred to me, however, that I wanted this to really be a something to enhance my walk with God in a very intentional way.  That is, I wanted Him to show me what word that He knew I needed to focus on.   I thought of several possibilities, and I worried how I would “know” I had the right word … I can get really stuck in this concern of being sure.  But the next morning after making this decision,  I woke up and the word “trust” – not a word I had even thought of the night before - came to me as the right word to use.  No doubt whatsoever; I knew the Holy Spirit was in it.  No more excuses!
I trust God 100%, no room for doubt.  At least, not in my head! But many of my attitudes about situations, as well as my prayer life, demonstrate a different level of confidence! As I thought about this surprising word, I realized that some of the joy that I am failing to reach is a direct result of not fully trusting God.   I immediately requested to join the group, and looked up the current letter and word suggestions for this time period. Imagine my reaction when I saw the list of “joy” “journaling” and “journal”! Lol, guess I don’t need to look for confirmation that this is what I am meant to do! I am amazed at His grace!
So, here are my attempts. Since I generally like lots of clean, open space in my cardmaking, and running items into each other, collage type work is very challenging and awkward for me.  It takes the word “stretching” to a whole new level! But I thought I should attempt it.  I will not completely humiliate myself to tell you how long these two pages took me to complete (and I had to abandon the thought of two more using “journaling” as the theme); it’s enough I am actually sharing them for all to see! But hopefully someday someone who is equally art-challenged will be encouraged to give this a try! It has been a great week or so of looking at trust through the lens of joy, and I’m glad I did it!  I will perhaps, however, give myself permission to do more word stuff than art stuff for letter K!  

After spending hours looking up quotes/scriptures; I evidently accidently deleted nearly all of it, and then saved it shortly thereafter, losing it all!!! So, the bottom right was meant to have one of these quotes, but I didn't have the heart to try to find it again, and really did not have any more time left, so I just quickly used a joy die to fill the space!

Monday, May 13, 2019

PTI Challenge: Win it Wednesday

The challenge for this week's Win it Wednesday is to make a favorite tag. Well, I didn't need to think on this one. As I love quilt dies, and make paper quilts by the dozen, I love to turn them into tags. I have been working on making cards and now tags that just need text to be completed, so that I am ready at any time to turn them into cards or tags for whatever event needed. I might turn them into birthday cards, sympathy cards, etc.  With the quilt tags, I enjoy stamping a scripture on the back to just give a fun little encouragement to a friend/relative. So, this tag is blank at the moment. When I went to match cardstock to this quilt, I only held it up to ivory cardstock because I had a stray piece in front of me; I had planned to match one of the colors.  But to my surprise, the "cute" tag became a more "elegant" tag with the ivory.  Really surprising! I'm trying to schedule my crafting time, and I'm a few minutes over, but I did not glue on the flower because it looks a bit shabby now that I have this ivory backing.  I think I'll have to stamp one of PTI's coordinating flowers and affix it instead! :-)

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

PTI challenge: Favorite Layout

This week's Win it Wednesday challenge is to make a card with a favorite layout. I don't think I have a favorite layout, but as I like to feature the text, especially, as with this card, when it is scripture. I had a difficult time getting this card to photograph well. The blue is darker and more elegant than you see here. It comes from a metallic line oddly named "curious cosmic." The texture feels smooth and silken, and looks incredibly elegant. When I add pattern with versamark, the elegance increases even more.  The name does seem more fitting when one uses an embossing folder, somehow this alters the appearance to a very metallic look. 

The text is from the A Cheerful Heart set, and the butterfly from the What the Doodle: Butterfly set.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

PTI Challenge: Shaped Card

This week's Win it Wednesday challenge is to make a shaped card. I have a cricut, and so I played with a few premade cards before deciding to create a card myself. I wanted to make a violin card, and this is what I came up with. I designed the card via a violin image on cricut, and the text is from papertrey ink's Bold and Beautiful set.

Saturday, April 20, 2019

PTI Challenge: Favorite Coloring Style

This week's Win it Wednesday challenge is favorite way to color images.  My favorite way to color images is not to! But, I can occasionally step out of my comfort zone and do some coloring. Generally, I choose images that do not need shading effects, in which case markers will be a choice.

Monday, April 15, 2019

Favorite Style Challenge

This week's PTI challenge is to make a card with our favorite style.  Call it lack of talent if you like, I am not an amazing card maker!  But really, although I often make cards a little less simple than this, I do not love cards that are covered in images, dies and embellishments, unless it is a wordless card.  For me, I want the text to stand out, and I just think a simpler card looks cleaner.

I prefer making cards for women, because they are more "fun" as I can do a bit more than on this card, which is meant for a male. My husband is actually more likely, aside from birthdays, to send a card to someone than I am, so I like to have a bunch for him to choose from.  I like this idea very much, but I should not have cut the angles on the outer strips as I did, I should have had them the same direction, I think.  But, I have more of the denim washi tape left, so I will make more this style.

Monday, April 8, 2019

Inspired By ...

This week's Win-it-Wednesday challenge is to make a card based on one's favorite source for inspiration. Pinterest is definitely my main source, but it's closely followed by PTI's own blog ... partly because I own a fair amount of their stamps, and also because their design team focuses on cards that the average stamper (like me!) can have reasonable expectation of recreating in our own way.  Many stamp companies, which I think is a mistake, fill their design team with designers who have the time, talent, and finances to create "super cards;" cards that most of us will not have the time or ability to put together, and we don't have a fortune to spend on a pound of die cut images, bling, and expensive coloring/embossing tools. I was literally asked to be on a design team once (I had not applied) because I created simpler cards! (I won't deny a tiny part of me was embarrassed to be firmly placed in the "average" category, lol)!

Anyway, for this challenge, I planned to go to my pinterest account for inspiration, but the next morning I looked at Laurie's Throwback Thursday card, and changed my mind. I loved how she embossed the silver and gold onto brown card stock!

Enjoy Your Day by Laurie Schmidlin

Oh, wait ... my screen was still on night mode! It's not a brown card, it's a black card! But, even after turning off the nightshade and looking at the card, lovely in black, I decided I really wanted to pattern the card after what I first saw!