Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Outside the box!

Impression Obsession's current challenge is for a project featuring Easter (or bunnies, but I'm not into those!).  Problem: no Easter stamps!  In fact, I own only one text stamp from IO, and all others, save one lovely image stamp, are from the amazing and wonderful Cover-a-Card stamps.  Anyway, when I saw what the challenge was, I knew it was impossible for me to participate.  But evidently the wheels in the back of my mind were turning, because I came up with the idea you see below.

The cross was created by taking the CC148 Diagonal Stripes stamp (Journaling Lines of course would accomplish the same thing) and stamping it with versamark ink, then rotating the cardstock 90 degrees and stamping again, then embossing the image with copper embossing powder.  Then I simply cut out a cross image. I used an ancient off-brand of paint cakes to paint the squares.  While this was not a wise choice to use with the copper embossing, and I would go another route in the future, I felt the job was adequate (translation: I ran out of time to redo it all!)

I then embossed the CC043 Cover-a-Card Roses and embossed with vanilla embossing powder (unfortunately, the photo makes the roses appear white, not vanilla).  I then embossed the image again, with gold embossing powder, then cut out a single rose to affix to the cross, using markers to color.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Finale! (But not Grande!)

It's fun to finish with a bang, but honestly, I was worn out!  This has been a terrific experience to make cards this way ... having a specific selection of cards to find inspiration from ... and I'm so glad I participated!  But, wow, I think it will take a week to clean up the amazing mess I created in the process!  For the final challenge, 2016, this card, casing this design, was going to be more complex, with all four sizes of the paisely stamps and dies, but when I began to lay it out, simple was best.  I also made it a bit "3D," the layered paisleys made the text seem "flat," so I bumped it out. The swirls come from the Quilted: Winter stamp set.

Hexagons Again!

Coming to the end!  For the 2015 challenge, I chose to use the Hexagon stampsHexagon die, and New Every Morning, once again!  I was casing this card, which features an entirely different set of hexagons!

Forever Faithful

For the Papertrey Ink 2014 challenge, I cased this card, using elements from the Quilted: Winter stamp set, and the set New Every Morning, this time able to come closer to the original design than my last submission had.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Birthday Snowflakes

The 2013 Challenge  with Papertrey was ... a challenge!  There just didn't seem to be any cards that I felt I could truly case, so I ended up going with this card, though I definitely personalized this one far more than some others I have cased with this challenge.  First, I did not have the large image used in the sample, so I chose snowflakes from the Quilted:Winter stamp set, but instead of doing them in straight lines, I curved them to give more of a "blowing snow" look. I cut the snowflake from the coordinating Quilted: Winter die set to add a bit more draw to the card, and also layered for more dimension.  The light grey snowflakes disappear in the photo, but they actually show up as well as the other colored flakes do.

Hold on to Hope

Papertrey Ink continues to provide great inspiration for me!  This entry is based on this card, posted as inspiration for the 2012 challenge, and is definitely a step outside my comfort zone in both design and technique.  I like things nice and neat, and this definitely does not qualify!  I also am not especially good with paint, so that was another discomfort level for me! This image is from the set New Every Morning,  stamped with versamark ink and embossing with white embossing powder, then painted over with various colors.  The card I cased this from had paint splatters, but I could not do that with my source, so just dabbed the paintbrush for a similar effect.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

In the News!

Papertrey's post for 2/15 was exciting in seeing that they have newspaper images! How fun!  I have long had a bunch of scans of our local newspaper that someone found in their attic and passed on to me.  As you can see by the card, the papers were in horrible condition.  Moisture had gotten in, so there was water damage, and they were all just crammed together in a corner.  I'd love to someday find a place that can scan and clean them up for me ... the stash is from a few days leading up to the declaration of war on Germany in 1917.  Fascinating stuff.  I had scanned a few pages on my pathetic scanner years ago, but never actually used any.  This challenge gave me the impetus to finally make a card with one of the scans.

This one is of a Wellsville Daily reporter paper published in March of 1917.  I chose the text “Happy Days” because Americans by and large were very isolationist, and therefore, were determined to stay out of the war,  and happily focused on local concerns.  Just weeks after this publication, however, Woodrow Wilson made the declaration that America was declaring war on Germany.

This was a difficult card to design because of the condition of the paper; I could not clean it up any better than this. I also wanted to feature as much of the text as possible because of the historical and cultural relevance for our small community.

The stamped text is from "Happy Hexagons."