Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Wow, two full years since I last posted!  I didn't want one more calendar year to pass without a post, and noticed that Christmas Cards All Year Round, which I've been enjoying this fall as I created these cards, had an "anything but a square/rectangle" for their challenge ... I hope that despite being placed on a rectangle, my hexagons will count!

With the business of grad school, cardmaking has been limited, but I've had a burst of activity this fall ... I didn't realize how much I missed regular card making!  This summer, I purchased the Happy Hexagons die from Papertrey, and decided to make a set of Christmas cards for a friend for whom I used to regularly make sets of cards.  Just as I was getting into the swing of making these cards, I had a request for cards from someone with whom my husband works, so I decided to make a lot more of these cards.  This person wound up buying my entire stash of cards, which I had anticipated using for my own Christmas list, so that in turn caused me to make even more cards.  So, here they are!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Quiet Peace of Christmas

I'm posting today for Eureka, and this is a post that almost didn't happen.  I take my design team commitment seriously, and so made most of my cards this summer, just in case I had a rough semester of college.  Well, it was crazy!  I made all of three cards, and this one I assumed would be easy enough to get to because college would be done forever.  Well, so much for that idea!  This is a card I had made a portion of earlier, which is the only reason I could finish it, lol!  The dark green background is a shimmery pattern that is very similar to the design of the holly border and square.  The text is from sister company Biblical Impressions.

Monday, December 17, 2012


It's challenge time again at the Eureka Challenge Blog! The theme this week is "Christmas Spirit;" please show us your creativity, and get a chance to win free images from Eureka!
 I started this card this summer, but did not have a chance to finish it because college started up, and it's been a crazy last semester for me.  I finished the card Saturday, and learned an important lesson when using these tiny little beads: design the entire card first.  Why?  Because you cannot do any burnishing of the cardstock with the beads, they are too fragile.  Even though after I attach the beads I pour clear embossing powder over them and heat to further secure them, with the amount of activity I did attaching it to the other layers caused a number of them to fall off, and I since I couldn't burnish at all, I suspect the letter panels will separate and fall off if I try to give it to anyone.  But, perhaps a liquid glue might have helped? 
The letters can all be found HERE, as well as a number of letter blocks.  The filagree square is located here.  I have had so much fun with these!  There are

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Wonderful, Counselor

Posting for Biblical Impressions today.  I have loved the Names of Jesus stamp, and done all sorts of things with it, but I've never embossed gold on gold.  I think it worked well! The blessing text and card are cream, not white as the camera thought!

Friday, December 7, 2012

We Three Kings

I'm posting today for Eureka.  I hope everyone is enjoying the season, and not getting stressed out with everything on their schedules!

The obvious thing to do with this image is to color it, and I really wanted to ... still want to!  But, I didn't!  I decided to find a different way to show case the Three Kings.  I wish I had a camera that could pick up the beautiful velvety cardstock I used for the background on the top card and everything on the bottom; the elegance it added is perfect.  I also don't know if you can really see that the top card is somewhat 3D; each king is a separate, solid layer of cardstock.  The star comes from the Bethelehem with verse image (see HERE for a card with the full image).  I stamped it on light gold cardstock and embossed.

Friday, November 30, 2012

The Ultimate Christmas Tree

I'm posting for Biblical Impressions today, hope everyone's Christmas planning is going smoothly!

This is a card I made years and years ago, when my cardmaking was extremely simple (not that it's amazing now, of coures, but my skills were about zero when I started cardmaking), and I was so delighted with it, I felt like I'd artistically arrived! But ... it probably took me a full day, seriously, to do this. I'm that slow to make decisions, to color, and to assemble. So, I may never make it again, even though I have improved speed a little bit. Anyway, the Jesus Savior tree was embossed in gold on white vellum, then glued. A gently applied glue stick that is not too dry works for me, but the vellum must be attached by brads or something else to keep from peeling. I also weight it down under a pile of books for a day or two. It works very well, and just possibly might make the brads unnecessary, but I still use them. The Stained Glass Nativity was embossed on white cardstock, then trimmed and mounted to panels. If you don't have some type of stamp-a-ma-jig, as I didn't when I made this, just use a bigger piece of vellum than you need, then place on the stained glass image, and mark where you need to trim.

I wanted to use the design again, but I did not want to do all the coloring. So, this is what I came up with this time:
If I remake this, I would use mini brads (I do not have any), and perhaps do all four corners.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Savior has been born to you...

Hello!  I'm posting today for Eureka.

I love, love, love Christmas Season!  I love the celebration of Jesus' birth, and I have the most wonderful memories of Christmas from childhood.  Our house looked, smelled, tasted, and sounded like Christmas!

Anyway, this is a single image, Bethlehem With Verse.  I embossed the image with silver.  Then I traced over the star with a versamark pen, and re-embossed it with gold.

Note: I was using a rather dry versamark pad, so I did not get great coverage on the bottoms of these cards (I think I was a bit hurried, and didn't press firmly enough).  For this top one, I just added more ink and more embossing powder.  Funny, my heat gun kept putting air bubbles, dozens and dozens.  I finally figured out how to position the cardstock best, but you can see I still had a couple! I also filled in the spots with a Galaxy marker where the script is not right, but unfortunately, spilled something on the card and ruined it. :-( So, no corrected picture, sorry about that!

I hesitated over posting this card, because it didn't turn out as well as I would have liked it to.  However, I really liked the concept: I embossed the image with sticky embossing powder, then brushed different colors of mica powder over the scene.  As you see, the blue did on the bottom looks a bit odd.  It's very important not to heat sticky emboss powder too long, or it will not look smooth and shiny, but very dull.  As I said above, I also did not check that I had thoroughly coated the stamped image.  Still, I  hope you are inspired!