Wednesday, October 31, 2007

He is Lord

I found myself making journals again this week! I hadn't planned to, I really prefer cards! I decided to let the SALT challenge for this week, "He is Lord," be my theme.

I still am in the learning process. I made a really huge error with this one. I accidently punched the holes with the cover upside down, so they didn't line up when I went to assemble the journal! Far too much time and effort to redo the cover. So, here is my compromise. Hopefully none of you will ever make this mistake, but if you ever do, just take two wide strips of cardstock that coordinate (my choice of yellow was not wise: you want it to be a subtle coordination, not something that draws the eye, as this yellow does), and punch them through making sure to count holes carefully, and leave yourself an extra half inch or more on the "top" strip to overlap to the other side. Trim the strip so that it does not overlap too much of your cover design. (Don't cut the strip first: it may crinkle in the bind-it-all.) Then trim second strip to slightly less than the full measurement of the cover, and attach to the back.

The Names of Jesus stamps are from Biblical Impressions, Eureka, and Stubby Stampers. Isaiah text is from Biblical Impressions, the other is computer generated. The lettering for "He is Lord" is from a set called "Hebrew Latino," I do not know the origin.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I had two close friends in high school, and none of us live near our hometown. But we still try to connect from time to time. While I live in western NY, and Claire lives in Virginia, we are getting to see each other more often as my daughter Karen attends a college just an hour away from Claire. When we went to visit Karen last weekend, we took the opportunity to go sailing with Claire. Sailing is her passion, so of course, I had to try to make her some sailing-themed cards! All the stamps on this card, except for the birds from Biblical Impressions, are from Alextamping.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Leaf Pile

Now we're really back from vacation! We stayed with close friends the first weekend, in the beautiful grape country next to Lake Erie, then a couple of days in Ohio with my lovely in-laws. On our way home, we stopped at our daughter's college flat at Houghton for dinner, left off our son who is taking a couple of classes there and could not afford to miss a whole week. He spent the night with the son of our close friends we had just visited. Our youngest stayed in her sister's flat for the night. Then Friday we all left again to visit our other college daughter at Patrick Henry in Virginia. I think we did close to 30 hours in the van, but it was great fun!

This card is one I made for a friend overseas, I didn't want to post it until she received it. I embossed the leaves (from Biblical Impressions) in gold on various vellums.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wallpaper Fun

We've been away on vacation, and one stop was at friend's of ours whose daughters are learning to stamp. I had brought them a bunch of wallpaper to use for cards, and wanted to show them examples of cards made with wallpaper. (Our local Sherwin Williams used to allow anyone to take their wallpaper sample books when they expired). Unfortunately, when I went to my website to show the girls some sapmes, I realized I only had a couple in my galleries; I'd forgotten to upload them from a separate "wallpaper cards" file. So, this post is for them. The background is a very textured piece of wallpaper that reminds me of birch bark. I had a beautiful birch tree outside my bedroom growing up, and I absolutely loved to look at it. I hope it wasn't my fault for the times I just could not resist peeling it, but it was taken down years ago by the next owners of the house. I was so sad when I learned that! Anyway, wallpaper can be absolutely wonderful to make cards with!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Enjoy Life Journal

I need to learn how to use our new digital camera, scanners are great, and so much quicker to do then a photo, but I can't always get a great image. This is actually a paler color than shown here, and the "Enjoy Life" is actually embossed onto blue vellum. In person, you can more clearly see it.
I did not realize until making this journal how focused I've been on "greeting" type text stamps (thank you, miss you, thinking of you, etc). I have a lot of scripture stamps which work well on journals, but I don't want all of them Christian themed. Hmmm ... I'll have to work on that!
When I went to attach the back of the cover (after already applying the glue!), I realized I had already punched the cover! Because of the eyelets on either end, it was very difficult getting the cover into the bind-it-all as it was, so I couldn't just attach my cover and hope I could re-punch. So I grabbed a back of an EZ mount sheet (I keep a bunch on hand for anytime I am working with glue I might not want to dry), attached the inner covering, and punched. Then I applied some extra glue and attached it.

I just have one more journal to make after this, and then I'll send them to my friend who sells my cards at her gift shop.

Oh, make that two more ... my mom is down for a visit, leaving tomorrow, and wants to take back a prayer journal with her. Let's see, how late am I willing to stay up tonight???? :-)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Horse themed journal

I've been working on journals for a few weeks now, still in the learning process. This one is a fairly basic journal; there is a "secondary cover" with a pocket, but other than that, no extras as there are in the prayer journals I have done.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Still in the process of "moving in!"

I decided this card would be appropriate for this post, especially the part about patience! I am having difficulty finding the time to finish this blog, but hopefully by the end of the week I'll be able to. (Deadlines definitely help me reach goals!) I still am primarily blogging on yahoo 360 ...

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I'm working on cards for my next workshop, with the theme of resist stamping. This is a simplified version of a card I made last year. I love this technique, though it can be a little time consuming. :-)

I own three simple "blessings" stamps. One I received in a grab bag, but as I want people to receive God's blessings, all three get used frequently! This one is from Eureka , and the leaves are from Biblical Impressions. I stamped the solid leaves with versamark, and used a jumbo pad for the color. Then I used Stazon with the outline stamp of the same leaf.

Monday, October 1, 2007

RAK from Trish!

I love cards from Trish - they always arrive at the right time, and say just the right thing! Her friendship is a blessing to me! And of course, I love her artwork!