Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Set me as a seal, upon your heart...

Is this a romantic scripture, or is this more about our relationship with God? I guess that depends on your interpretation of the book of Solomon. I think it can be used either way, and so two of these I put under the "love" category of my cards in the places in which I sell, and two in the "scripture" section. :-) I'll post the other two tomorrow.

The black floral panel was stamped using opalite inks. They are a little more subtle than this picture shows them to be, but it is still really pretty; I love using these inks! But they will not show up very well if you are using anything other than a very black black. I have some blacks that are not quite as dark, and I've been disappointed with the look of the inks.

Monday, October 18, 2010

The harvest is plentiful...

Finished my first quarter at college this weekend, hurrah! Now I can have a couple of days (I hope - lots happening here this week; my oldest daughter is moving away, so of course, everyone wants to see her before she leaves. I told someone today that I look forward to an empty nest, but the actual process of emptying is absolutely awful, lol!)

Anyway, I hope to post regulary this week, I have a "not yet posted" file of cards that I can draw from. Occasionally I use one for the blog, but forget to move it out, so hopefully this card really has not been posted before. It's a remake of a simpler card I made a few years ago. I trimmed it down and mounted it onto another card to give it another layer, and added extra brads.

Friday, October 8, 2010

smARTword challenge

Wow, is it really a month since I last posted? Going to college full time definitely makes life, um, full!

This month's smARTword challenge is "brown." Make a card focusing on this color, link it to the smARTword blog, and have a chance for free stamps!