Monday, November 30, 2009

Another deadline met & another Swahili card!

Yesterday a guest speaker in our church asked those who worked to stand up. I have been working 60 hour weeks with my card & craft store stuff, but the issue being addressed was the influence we are for Christ on our co-workers, which obviously I don't have, so I didn't stand up, lol! But wow, has it been crazy! In the midst of it, I nearly ran out of double-sided tape (I like to have every card have at least a little, I trust it more than glue for keeping the card together), so was having to ration it until new arrived, and in the midst of waiting, my cutter started making warped and off-angle cuts! Aaaauuuggh!!!! My sister-in-law, Sue, was willing to download a coupon for me and buy a new one (lower quality than what I own, but I was desperately in a hurry), but I still had to wait four days until Thanksgiving when we met to get the cutter! I used the time to switch to making unembellished wallpaper journals, so it wasn't a total loss. I still managed to finish my cardmaking for the college campus store late Saturday night so that my daughter could take them to the college for me when she returned Sunday afternoon. Whew! I was literally working from the moment I got up until I went to bed, taking time out for little else.

The most frustrating thing for me when working up to the last minute, is that, perfectionist that I am, I let a few cards be included that aren't quite to my standards. One layer might be slightly un-centered, or seemed to need one last embellishment or something that I just could not come up with, etc. When I switch out the set, I'll probably remove them for re-work! But, I'm trying to have such a large range of categories and languages, it's hard to meet my goals.
Anyway, here are the other two Swahili cards I made. I still have not found a translator, so I may never make any more. These cards simply say "hello."

Friday, November 20, 2009

Swahili Birthday

Impossible to get this photo to look right. The lion's face was embossed black on black, then Opalite (interference) Golden Mist sponged over it.

I never was able to get my Swahili translations, but I think this phrase was safe enough. It's not technically a birthday greeting, there evidently is none in Swahili, but this phrase means something along the lines of "may you have a very special day," or Congratulations on your special day, I can't remember which now.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Another French card. Translation: you are in my thoughts.

I asked my former French professor from Houghton College do my translations for me. I haven't sat under his teaching in over twenty years, but some people you just know will help you if they can. I went through a difficult time my third semester, resulting in my leaving the campus, and I remember his concern for me. College professors are in such an incredible place of influence; I wish parents really understood this when they sent their seemingly independent children off to school. I saw it as a teen, and I certainly see it as a parent and one who has regular contact with other college students. Young people are very, very vulnerable to those men and women who are a huge part of their lives for four years....

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I am working night and day, literally from when I get up until I go to bed on preparing cards for Houghton College. I got in the first batch last month, but I like to switch whole inventories in and out - it makes life much easier for organization, especially when distance is an issue. It's definitely stressful, though, so I'll be glad when this week is over (I plan to do the switch when we pick up our daughter from college next week.

I made a couple of French cards for the current set of cards at the college. This is the first one. I came up with this design months ago, for an English thank you, but never completed it. It had more "summery colors" so I just adjusted the colors for fall.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Korean Thank You

Well, perhaps one last fall card, but this is in a different language! I've not been able to find a Korean to help me with greetings, but I decided to risk trusting this online translation for thank you!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Last of the fall cards!

Someone asked me yesterday if I got inspiration for my cards from card displays in stores. The thought had never occured to me! I've looked at store cards only to see prices; my inspiration comes from blogs, online galleries, and stamping magazines! I'll have to spend some time looking at store cards the next time I'm out. Maybe I just need to get out of the house more, lol!

Another major source of inspiration for me is clothing, and it was a combination of a teal shirt of mine and a brown corderoy jacket that got me thinking in these colors. :-) Leaves are gold embossed.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Fall Scripture Card

Finally, a chance to do a scripture card! I found the scripture already stamped, and thought it would look perfect on fall leaves!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

One last Pastor Appreciation card

I wanted one more card - well, actually, a bunch more, but only had time for one more Pastor Appreciation card. I had scanned some leaves from our yard to use as a background, and was pleased with the result. To amplify the leafy look, I ran the panels through my cuttlebug. It was the right pattern, but a bit much. So, I softened the embossing by running it through the cuttlebug again .... underneath the folder! Perfect!

I first made the praying for you card for a co-worker of my husband's. When I was trying to fit in one last Pastor Appreciation card, I found an extra panel to use. Happy day!

Monday, November 2, 2009

another ministry card

Camera issues again .... I couldn't get the right color. Anyway, the background is from a card I made a year ago, I think, and as usual, I had made a few extras. :-)
I used the faux batik method: I stamped the image with a border stamp multiple times and embossed clear. Then I brayered on the ink from a Big & Juicy pad, sponging in some of the areas as needed. then I ironed the panel, removing the embossing ink.