Monday, October 24, 2011

Pumpkin Vine

Our annual women's retreat this year featured a really special speaker. Her text was John 15:5, and she used a story of a pumpkin vine that mysteriously appeared on her lawn for the illustration. College classes had started, meaning little time for cardmaking, but I had this pumpkin image I made last year but never used. Knowing I had the scripture in a stamp, I just couldn't resist making Nancy a card!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Encouragement Card

It's hard to make cards while I'm doing college classes, but I had a real burden for a woman in our church; she and her husband are having unforeseen complications in the adoption of their son, which had seemed to be a "done deal." I had hoped the card, and the words I shared inside would be an true encouragement, but when she thanked me for the card saying it was "sweet," I realized genuine ministry had not occurred. Sometimes I make a card just to be amusing, and sometimes, quite frankly, just because a card is required for an occasion and I want to save money by making one. In those cases, especially the latter, I'm not really concerned about reaction. But my reaction to this person's "sweet" comment, and the thought going through my mind of "why bother taking time I can ill afford to make a card that probably won't be appreciated?" makes me wonder if I'm looking to bless .... or impress? I did what was in my heart to do for this person, and I know it caused me to pray for her situation more faithfully. Can I learn to let this be enough for me?

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Wow, October already? How did that happen? I had hoped to have a summer of cardmaking, but life is just too busy! However,I did manage a few; this one was made early August for my oldest daughter's birthday.

I love the butterfly stamp used in this card! Actually, it's three stamps, two for the wings, one for the body, making for a lovely 3D effect, which is lacking a bit in this picture. After I photographed it, I found a pencil-width metal mystery tool, and I laid it across the body, then put dimensional dots beneath the winges to raise them. With the metal rod holding down the body, the wings could curve up without weakening the bond holding the body to the card. It worked perfectly!