Friday, June 26, 2009

Unplanned absence

I had no plans to stop blogging for this long, but for various reasons I have not been able to do much with cardmaking - part of the reason being sheer boredom with my cards: I feel very much in a rut. Added to that, my wonderful cutter is broken, and I am awaiting a part that hopefully will fix it. So, I'm taking this time to organize my stamp room, which is in serious need of it! Actually, it's somewhat organized, but upkeep has fallen by the wayside, and I don't really have all the room I need, so it's time to get aggressive in prioritizing space. In this old photo, I still had homeschooling books in the room (see bottom left), and since then I've gotten a bind-it-all, a cuttlebug, more discontinued wallpaper sample books (huge space eaters!), and various small additions that add up; ink pads, paper packs, etc. Added to that, several small boxes of cards and journals from the closing of the store at which I sold them.

So, I'll be back when my cutter is repaired and my room is clean and organized. :-) I may pop in for the occasional challenge, but steady posting may not be until the end of July.

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Monica-FC said...

wow, what a room. you sure do have a huge room to stamp in i must say. at least everyone can say you stamp and enjoy it from the looks of it. cannot wait to see the finished room after you gotten it all straighten up of course. maybe you can come and help me after, mine needs help in organizing. lol. :)