Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sunflower hello

I"m posting for Biblical Impressions today.  I love the faux batik techinique, even if I am not trying for that look, it's just a fun to invert stamping images.  For this card, I stamped Biblical's sunflower background in dark yellow, than embossed the plaids over it.  Then I sponged yellows and butterscotch over the panel, finishing by ironing off the clear embossing.  I embossed the individual sunflower with yellow, restamped it with die ink, stamped "hi" on it, and cutit out with decorative scissors. 

 As often happens when I experiment, even after several tries, I did not get the look I had envisioned, but I still was happy with how it looked in the end.  I've included a picture of the first time I did it before adding the yellows and butterscotch, and then that panel and another that I also tried that I did not use.  How would you have done it?

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