Friday, September 7, 2012

I'm posting today for Eureka.  I was looking at my comforter just before going to bed one evening, and thought, "What a pretty card background this would make!"   Of course, then I couldn't sleep for awhile thinking about which stamps I would use!  I wonder if any other cardmakers have that problem?  I knew that I would definitely want to use Eureka's Baroque Background stamp, so I started with that in the morning.  I ended up also using the peacock feather and in samples below,  the Mosaic background stamp.  The background was created using faux batik technique, and sponging brilliance ink dew drop-shaped pads directly onto the cardstock.

This is the comforter:

Here are a few of the other backgrounds I made trying to catch the look.  I couldn't get a decent photo of two of them, so included one of all four together.


I stopped before adding black to this one because I liked how it looked at this point:


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