Saturday, July 29, 2017

Color Blocking

I'm participating in Papertrey Ink's Make it Monday Challenge. I enjoyed this one very much, and the design came together very quickly for me ... I am normally super slow in this area!  Alas, when I stamped the sentiment, I did not realize that ink had gotten on one of my fingers, and I ended up with a nasty black smudge.  What to do?  I could have trimmed the card down, but I don't like to have overly bulky panels.  So, I added the smallest version of the leaves from this feather set.  I love plain and simple cards, so I would not have wanted the added leaves if not for needing to cover up my mistake!

The original:


Jennifer T. said...

Lovely background Sarah! I had the same problem with ink on my card. I added more butterflies and sequins. I like yours a=a lot better than mine though!

Vikki H, southern Oregon said...

Very pretty card and a perfect solution for unexpected boo boos!