Tuesday, March 10, 2009

workshop glossy bookmark

These bookmarks are rather sloppy, I'm not sure if I was just in a hurry, or my mind was on other things, but I fully intended to redo them before the workshop I did last night. However, I forgot all about that until I was packing everything up. ;-/ I made three examples because I've discovered that beginners always worry about copying the sample exactly, so if I can show a few items with variety right at the beginning, they feel more free to experiment.

I used the the white crayon technique: I stamped the images with Stazon on glossy pre-made bookmarks, then highlighted areas with a white crayon. I then coated the bookmarks using a roller on a kaleidacolor pad.

There were 11 ladies in a very small room with just two tables pushed together for them to work at. Being very ADD, it's generally overwhelming for me to work with that many, especially in a tight space with little room. But they were a fabulous group with a great sense of humor, and patience as I tried to work with all of them at once(The one other workshop I did there - in a much larger room with several tables - was a couple of years ago, and none of them do any cardmaking, so are all beginners).

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