Friday, April 13, 2012

Biblical Impressions Blog Hop!

Welcome to the last stop on the Biblical Impressions blog hop! If you are arriving here from Jessica S., then you are at the right place! If not, then head to the QKR Stampede blog for a complete hop order. This month’s theme is WINGS!

This abstract dragonfly is part of a full sheet of stamps that I really love!

This second card was layed out last night, but I wanted to see the butterflies in the light of day before putting it together, and I'm glad I waited. I want to redo the butterflies, but the teacher in me can't resist demonstrating errors for everyone's edification, lol! So ... the butterflies were done with Gold Leaf (available from Biblical Impressions, but you'll need to go HERE to the Eureka page to see the colors). Why do they look so, um, ragged? Well, I have a plastic container with a lid where I place the item that needs foiling, and then when I brush off all the flakes,they are there for reuse. This is a good thing ... but one needs to recognize when the foil flakes have essentially become foil dust! My thought was that it would essentially just be like a variegated embossing powder, but as you can see here, it makes for not-quite-complete coverage. So, hopefully I've given some good instruction, but still given you an idea of how perfect these images are for gold leaf! I am working on a card with fresh gold leaf using a larger version of this butterfly, and hope to finish it this weekend or next. For now, college assignments are calling me!

The Matthew 7:7 stamp is found here.

Thanks for participating in our hop!


J.Beare said...

How pretty! What a fun art deco it.

Kristie Maynard said...

Both the cards are beautiful. Love that abstract dragonfly, very different and very cool.
I do love gold leafing, had never done it until I learned from Maribeth at the convention last year. So fun!