Monday, April 9, 2012

Eureka blog hop!

Welcome to the last stop on the April Eureka Blog Hop! If you are following the Hop, you should have arrived here from Roxie at "Paper Scraper"! If not, but you would like to start at the beginning, hop over to QKR Stampede for the entire hop!

This lacy butterfly comes in large and small sizes. I just recently ordered the large lacy butterfly, and thought it might work as a suncatcher. As you can see, it worked perfectly! The thick body makes a perfect spot for sticky tack to hide, so very easy to place.

I embossed the butterfly with versamark and fine black embossing powder. The transparencies were 3M brand for copiers. I used Sharpies to color. There are hairline areas where color did not seep in, repeated coverate did not work. But, they are not noticable from the window.

It was suggested I try sanding the transparency next time around, but the scratches showed through significantly. Unfortunately, my camera is much more forgiving than I am, and it's not easy to see from the pictures.

One last thing I wanted to show in my coloring, is the different style, not just in the basic differences in how I colored the wings (and I didn't test my sharpies out first; the bottom green, from the cap, looked like a much lighter green, which would have resulted in a more subtle color difference!), but how much I colored. On the blue/green butterfly, I did not color the edging, nor did I color what looks like a "gap" in the wing pairs.

It had also been suggested that I try alcohol inks on transparency. However, for me, it was an epic fail. Only one color actually really stained the transparency, other inks either did not show up, or worse "erased" any color there. It was odd, as though I were working with two families of ink, but they were all Adirondack. It was so challening, I finally threw out that particular butterfly. However, it is possible that I was using a poor quality transparency, and that a different type might work better. Since I had planned originally, before thinking of the suncatchers, to do a butterfly on a glossy cardstock with alcohol inks, I went ahead and made a butterfly that way:

I haven't made anything recently with the smaller buttefly, but you can click HERE to see a card I made a few years ago with it.


Roxie said...

Suncatchers are a great idea, I also like the one on glossy cardstock...such pretty colors!

J.Beare said...

I LOVE THIS!! so pretty..what a creative idea!

Kristie Maynard said...

I was so looking forward to seeing what you were doing with this project and I wasn't disappointed at all. These came out beautifully! Honestly, I don't see a thing wrong with them.
I think you are like me though and love trying different techniques and seeing how they work. I love how this worked for you, they are lovely!

Kristine Reynolds said...

Love the sun catcher idea! What a great way to bring some springtime into your home!