Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Simple Scripture Card

I love when elegance and simplicity come together in a card! The background is a darker beige than what you see here, and keeps the card from being too dark. The Romans 15:13 scripture was embossed in gold. The gorgeous, dimensional background is from a wallpaper sample book. Our local Sherwin Williams is always happy to pass these on to customers. I think someone has an "in" with one of the employees, because certain themes have always been gone when I get there, and I usually get there immediately after they say they remove the books from the shelves! Fortunately, the really elegant themes, and sometimes really amazing textured themes, are usually left. I have made journals as well with this particular pattern, and they've been the first to sell. I also have covered shoe boxes with wallpaper. It strengthens the box, as well as making it a decorative item, and one that easily wipes clean.

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