Friday, November 30, 2012

The Ultimate Christmas Tree

I'm posting for Biblical Impressions today, hope everyone's Christmas planning is going smoothly!

This is a card I made years and years ago, when my cardmaking was extremely simple (not that it's amazing now, of coures, but my skills were about zero when I started cardmaking), and I was so delighted with it, I felt like I'd artistically arrived! But ... it probably took me a full day, seriously, to do this. I'm that slow to make decisions, to color, and to assemble. So, I may never make it again, even though I have improved speed a little bit. Anyway, the Jesus Savior tree was embossed in gold on white vellum, then glued. A gently applied glue stick that is not too dry works for me, but the vellum must be attached by brads or something else to keep from peeling. I also weight it down under a pile of books for a day or two. It works very well, and just possibly might make the brads unnecessary, but I still use them. The Stained Glass Nativity was embossed on white cardstock, then trimmed and mounted to panels. If you don't have some type of stamp-a-ma-jig, as I didn't when I made this, just use a bigger piece of vellum than you need, then place on the stained glass image, and mark where you need to trim.

I wanted to use the design again, but I did not want to do all the coloring. So, this is what I came up with this time:
If I remake this, I would use mini brads (I do not have any), and perhaps do all four corners.

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