Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Different Horizons

Once again, this is for the Word Art Wednesday challenge.  I was asked by someone to make her a some fall/Thanksgiving themed cards, so have been working hard at for close to a week.  I generally do not have time to make cards; it literally took two full days of trying to make cards to get back into the groove.  I'm really into it now, but am getting behind in my grad school work, so pretty soon  here I need to just quit and believe I have enough variety for my customer to choose from!

I love the perspective the quote on this image brings: so often disagreements are simply issues of perspective.  Of course, in today's world, there are those who wish to say that all issues are perspective, and there is never a time to say "this is right", or "this is wrong."   But we can all stand to remember the importance of considering the other point of view...

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