Saturday, January 28, 2017

Impression Obsession Challenge: Love is in the Air

My husband brought me some lovely roses last week, yellow tinged with pink.  I tried looking them up, but there are a number of roses these could have been. Anyway, they were beautiful, and I decided to recreate them with Impression Obsession's CC043 Cover-a-Card Roses. I have a fun pad of paper with different combinations of swirling color, and though I knew it was risking an over-busy card, I took the risk!  After embossing with gold, I chalked in yellow and pink for the roses, and green for the leaves to help them stand out from the pattern of the cardstock.

Impression Obsession's contests require only their products be used, and I had no appropriate stamps or dies for their challenge them of "Love is in the Air." But I have a drawer full of amazing brads from a company now out of business, and am always forgetting about them.  So, happily I thought of them and found one just the right color!  Since this card will be for my husband, after some deliberation, I decided not to add a ribbon bow in the upper left corner ... it's already a bit feminine to give!

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Daniela Dobson said...

Beautiful. Thanks so much for playing in the challenge.