Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Safari Smash

I make smash books to sell at a fair at the college I attended years ago.  I keep meaning to post some, but never seem to have the time.  However, I am continuing to make similar books, and am absolutely loving Impression Obsession's line of "cover-a-card" stamps which are about 5.75" square.  I happened to realize late last night that they have a blog, and today is the final day of a contest for winning free stamps.   I knew I would not have time to make a card today, too many other things. But then I recalled this smash book, and lo and behold, I had a page that meets the contest requirement of something shiny.

The Impression Obsession "Shiny New Year Challenge" is to make a card with only IO stamps/dies, and it must include a shiny element.  So, to meet the challenge, here is the shiny:  I stamped the CC133 Cover-a-Card Leopard stamp,  with a pink craft ink, then sprinkled a sparkly pink powder just along the bottom.  I want people to be able to write on the smash book pages if they prefer journaling to attaching things, so I did not want the whole page coated.  If I were to do it again, I'd use a tiny spoon and make sure that the spots were totally coated, rather than embossed in half as I did it.

This is the cover.  As with nearly all my covers, it is made with wallpaper.

When stamping for writing, when the color is a bit dark, the writing is hard to read, and so this top one will be better for the purpose of attaching photos, memorabelia, etc. The one below, with the same ink, will be easier to read because of being blue-on-blue, and therefore, offering less contrast.

These pages were made using the CC133 Cover-a-Card Zebra.

I simply affixed a cut out square.  It must have been on the thick side, because of the non-straight edges.  However, it actually just looks like I used a scalloped square, so I kept it.

This seemed a fairly simple idea, but I made an error that made it very, very time consuming.  I cut 3/8" strips from a repositional label sheet, and laid them across the cardstock, then rolled the image over it.  I should have used a foam pad underneath the cardstock, because there were really big gaps in the image. So, I decided to draw lines on each side of the tape, and then to daub in the gaps.  It took forever.  So, if you do this, be sure to use a foam pad underneath!  Also, I have done this technique with another cover-a-card stamp, but I used the Cover-a-Card CC147 Journaling Lines stamp, then cut strips to lay between every other line, and that time I remembered my mouse pad, and it turned out beautifully.  (It was a borrowed stamp, which I did not have when I made this page, and that is the only reason I did not do it that way!)

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Vicki G said...

Great job on the challenge. Thanks for playing at IO stamps!