Thursday, October 18, 2007

Enjoy Life Journal

I need to learn how to use our new digital camera, scanners are great, and so much quicker to do then a photo, but I can't always get a great image. This is actually a paler color than shown here, and the "Enjoy Life" is actually embossed onto blue vellum. In person, you can more clearly see it.
I did not realize until making this journal how focused I've been on "greeting" type text stamps (thank you, miss you, thinking of you, etc). I have a lot of scripture stamps which work well on journals, but I don't want all of them Christian themed. Hmmm ... I'll have to work on that!
When I went to attach the back of the cover (after already applying the glue!), I realized I had already punched the cover! Because of the eyelets on either end, it was very difficult getting the cover into the bind-it-all as it was, so I couldn't just attach my cover and hope I could re-punch. So I grabbed a back of an EZ mount sheet (I keep a bunch on hand for anytime I am working with glue I might not want to dry), attached the inner covering, and punched. Then I applied some extra glue and attached it.

I just have one more journal to make after this, and then I'll send them to my friend who sells my cards at her gift shop.

Oh, make that two more ... my mom is down for a visit, leaving tomorrow, and wants to take back a prayer journal with her. Let's see, how late am I willing to stay up tonight???? :-)

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