Monday, October 29, 2007

Leaf Pile

Now we're really back from vacation! We stayed with close friends the first weekend, in the beautiful grape country next to Lake Erie, then a couple of days in Ohio with my lovely in-laws. On our way home, we stopped at our daughter's college flat at Houghton for dinner, left off our son who is taking a couple of classes there and could not afford to miss a whole week. He spent the night with the son of our close friends we had just visited. Our youngest stayed in her sister's flat for the night. Then Friday we all left again to visit our other college daughter at Patrick Henry in Virginia. I think we did close to 30 hours in the van, but it was great fun!

This card is one I made for a friend overseas, I didn't want to post it until she received it. I embossed the leaves (from Biblical Impressions) in gold on various vellums.

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