Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wallpaper Fun

We've been away on vacation, and one stop was at friend's of ours whose daughters are learning to stamp. I had brought them a bunch of wallpaper to use for cards, and wanted to show them examples of cards made with wallpaper. (Our local Sherwin Williams used to allow anyone to take their wallpaper sample books when they expired). Unfortunately, when I went to my website to show the girls some sapmes, I realized I only had a couple in my galleries; I'd forgotten to upload them from a separate "wallpaper cards" file. So, this post is for them. The background is a very textured piece of wallpaper that reminds me of birch bark. I had a beautiful birch tree outside my bedroom growing up, and I absolutely loved to look at it. I hope it wasn't my fault for the times I just could not resist peeling it, but it was taken down years ago by the next owners of the house. I was so sad when I learned that! Anyway, wallpaper can be absolutely wonderful to make cards with!

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