Monday, September 8, 2008

Dominos with alcohol inks

I've been working off and on with dominos for awhile, to sell at the City News & Daily Grind my friend Cheryl owns. I love alcohol inks, so I am using them quite a bit. These dominoes are black, and without the gold I added to the mix, it would have been difficult to see any color. The colors are Red Pepper, Cranberry, and Rust. I probably photographed this set several dozen times, but no matter what the lighting, I could not get a true representation of the look. They really look amazing! I gold-embossed the holes on the opposite sides of each, as you see below. It's a little challenging to scrape off the gold splatters. I'm still working on technique for this; the domino was "clean" when I went to heat-set the embossing powder, but it bubbled over a bit, hence the splatters and gold around the rims. I can scrape it off, but I still have to be very careful or the ink comes off as well.

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