Sunday, September 28, 2008

I'm back...

...and with a deeper understanding of Who God is in my life, His regard for me, and a peace that I have not had in awhile. It was an amazing time.

I spent five days at a Christian retreat center, four days with a woman with an amazing ministry (she was ordained while I was there), and three days with Jacki Jones (The Card Castle). Actually, I missed one day with Jacki as I was not feeling at all well, so that was hard. But we did have a good time otherwise. Jacki gave me some great tutoring with colored pencil technique, which I was desperate for, lol!

I discovered Sunday that the gift shop in which I had been selling cards, journals, etc, went out of business! I knew the owner was really struggling, but was very startled nonetheless. I have to admit my reaction was one of relief, not disappointment. Selling there forced me to learn cardmaking; I really was pathetic in the beginning, and got into stamping to SELL STAMPS, not make cards. When the business for which I had bought tons of stuff to sell along with (they provided stamps and stamp pads only, no papers, few embellishments, etc) went under, selling cards seemed to be the only way to bring in some money. So, it's been good for me. But I have for quite some time now felt like the amount of time I spent creating for the store was now limiting me; there was NO time for just playing around, mastering techniques that did not come easily to me, etc. All cards needed to be within certain parameters in time spent, size, cost, etc, in order to keep them at one price.

Now, I am released! Does it mean I begin to design stamps as I'd been hoping all along? Or maybe go a new direction once I've reduced some of my sale inventory? No idea! But I am going to enjoy a stress-free fall! My schedule is much freer now, though I still need to prepare for the annual craft fair I do at a local college in December. I have tons of stamps to sell, and now, tons of cards and a few journals, so I have plenty to keep me busy!


ampug09 said...

welcome back! Glad that you had a good time!

jacki jones said...

oooh did you see the new site sponsored by addicted to crafts/rubberstamps/scrapbooking?
You should trying selling there? No fees.

Diane said...

So happy that your retreat was a true time of refreshment in every way. Hope it's lasting!

Know how that making cards at the store thing goes. It's very hard to keep up with. I bet you will really enjoy more time for personal creations. Will look forward to peeking in to see some.