Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dragonfly domino

This is one I should have photographed; the green of the front is a much richer, deeper green, and the fern background lines are much subtler.

In between doing the front and back, I evidently mixed up the felt-covered wood blocks I use for alcohol inks. If it's not obvious from the felt, I write the color family or combo on the wood (so I have a bunch of blocks all prepped). Somehow, I grabbed the brown block, and so when I applied more green and applied it to the domino, I was amazed at what I got! I tried lightening it, but as I tried blending it in, it just went back to being to dark, hence the lighter areas in the middles - I gave up! I have several different types of green, so it took until I tried using my brown block a few days later - and got green - that I solved the mystery! Somehow, I like it anyway, but I'm not sure if the same person who would like the top, would like the bottom. Hmmm...


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Diane said...

Sarah, I really like the domino art! I've thought about getting some several times and playing and just haven't. You're making me want to do that. These are really cool.