Thursday, May 21, 2009

Blog Candy time is coming!

I've been planning on doing a blog candy challenge for awhile, and finally got started on it this morning, but then the day got away from me ... I was asked to make a care package for a one of the corpsmen (medics) on a ship in which moral is very low. So, I spent a chunk of time at the store, and then my dh came back from taking the dog to the vet: it seems that Isaac has cancer. He's a fairly old dog, and he has really been slowing down, so this is not a shock, but of course it's sad. I had to prepare some "doggie formula" for him to drink. Wow, brought me back to baby days. Anyway, Isaac wanted me to spend time with him in our living room (his favorite place to be), so I was forced to spend a couple of hours reading to keep him company (it was rough, but of course, the right thing to do. ;-) Then a lovely needed time with my youngest daughter. I was able to encourage her and pray for her; not something I often can (or am sensitive enough to?) do.

Anyway, I have a small pile on my counter buried under the care package I'm putting together for the corpsman. I'll exhume it tomorrow, add a couple more items, and post it. It will be a challenge of some sort...

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