Monday, May 4, 2009

Mulberry challenge

Karen Lingle, one of the posters on the Gingerwood board, posted a challenge to make cards with mulberry paper, and was giving away free ribbon to the "winners." As always, I can't resist a challenge, so I made two cards.

This one was done using the "faux batik" method, a favorite of mine with mulberry: stamp image with versamark ink, and emboss with clear embossing powder. Note: If you are stamping multiple images, you will have a difficult time seeing what you have stamped; I find it easier to use a single large stamp. After letting it sit for a few minutes, apply inks over the panel. I like to use more than one shade of any color I pick. In this case, I used teal and turquoise for parts of it, and peach and orange for the rest. When you are satisfied with your colors, iron off the clear embossing. Place the panel on a heat proof surface, ink side up, then cover with a paper towel and iron. I have learned that craft irons are not hot enough for this process, so I use a regular iron.

I generally attach the mulberry to white cardstock before mounting to another panel or the card.

I did the squares the same way (mulberry with faux batik). However, I decided I wanted the shiny look of an embossed image, so I made another set of squares and did not iron off the embossing. After placing the squares on the card, I felt some kind of embellishment was needed, so I took one of the unused faux batik squares and used a flower punch on it, and placed it in the middle.

Karen's sweet challenge reminds me that I have not offered any "blog candy" in ages. I'll have to think about that.... :-)

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