Wednesday, February 24, 2010

As for me and my house...

Early in my stamping life, which has been about six years now, I came up with the design for this card, and although I normally hate the glue and scissors part of cardmaking, I had so much fun with this that I made a bunch of them. However, they had one layer less than these, and I hadn't thought to put the doornob, so once I improved a little with stamping, I put them away. When I began making cards to stock two stores, I was grasping at anything that would make quick cards. I took these, cut the cards down into panels, and affixed them on new card fronts, adding the brad to the door before attaching. Still a simple card, but much nicer with the added layer and embellishment! I love recycling!

Here is the original design:

And the slightly modified versions:

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Monica-FC said...

I love these simple cards. always nice to see them. love seeing also how cards are recycled also. love that.