Monday, February 22, 2010

Birch trees

I love birch trees, they're so beautiful! I had one outside my bedroom window growing up, and I remember just sitting at my window and daydreaming as I gazed at it. I confess that as much as I loved that tree, I tortured it. The bark of a birchtree peels off like parchment paper ... so hard to resist! It's amazing it survived me (though to my sorrow, I've heard it since has died). Anyway, when I was ordering Oriental stamps from OnyxXpressions, I couldn't resist adding this image!

I often forget to check the settings on our digital camera, and my daughter often changes them when she uses it. So, all my birch cards - as well as other cards photographed at the same time - turned out a little funny in the photos. I took pictures of the cards again, still not realizing the problem, so they didn't look any better. I was out of time, so I shipped all the cards off to the Houghton store even though the pics were not very good. :-(


SherylH said...

Beautiful -- I love this image but have not been able to get such a clear impression. Would you mind sharing the paper/ink used? Thanks.

Sarosa said...

Thank you, Sheryl! I'm afraid I cannot help you at this moment with the cardstock ... it was from the last pieces I had of some great stuff that came in an odd lot of mixed cardstocks. However, I have another OnyxXpressions detail stamp to work with this week, and some of their glossy cardstock to work with. I'll get back to you...

I used Stazon Ultramarine ink after "conditioning" the stamp with a chalk ink pad as recommended on their website.