Saturday, February 20, 2010

smARTworks challenge: glitter

I did it! I managed to get a card done on time for the February smARTword challenge! I have been in the midst of making a new set of cards for the local craft store, feeling great pressure to replace the cards that were there because of having closed my website at the beginning of the month. That address is on all my cards. So, I was trying to get at least one or two cards for each of the categories (20) that I have, and if you've ever worked with glitter, you know that it's rather time consuming and messy ... I had plenty of mess and no need for more, and not enough time! But, well, I managed! The glitter is a dramatic red, and stands out much more than the camera shows, so I was pleased.

1 comment:

Donelda said...

good work for getting the card done, maybe it will be lucky! I love love love bright red glitter the best!! Thanks for playing along with the smART Word Challenge