Friday, March 26, 2010

Anniversary card

I made this anniversary card, but had real trouble with the diamond glaze I used to attach the dew drops. The wallpaper was too slick for it, and my buttons slid around as I tried to attach them. In the evening light, when I viewed the card after it dried, it didn't seem to be an issue. But in the daylight, the glue smears were clearly visible, and meant the card was useless. I set it aside for a couple of days, and then decided to see if I could salvage it. I pulled off the dew drops, and looked through my ribbon scraps bag. I pulled out the ribbon that you see on the card, and the two knots were already there. Just for the fun of it, I layed the ribbon across the card, and to my surprise, I thought the knots actually added something. So, here it is!

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