Tuesday, March 16, 2010

smARTword challenge: monochromatic

This smARTword challenge card almost did not happen ... it took me four days to make the background! Obviously I wasn't working on it for hours every day, I just took awhile to find the shades I wanted (didn't actually succeed; most of my die ink pads, at least pinks, are ancient Stampin Up, and I've learned that eventually a stamp pad reaches a point of not even being re-inkable. :-/ And then I just kept having interruptions. Some were fun, like unexpected company, or the smARTworks 50% off sale (I have an amazing ability to spend hours making decisions on what stamps to purchase, lol! I think I have the old catalog nearly memorized!). Others were just "life;" at any rate, once I've been interrupted a certain number of times on a project, I lose interest in it, and then progress really slows. I finally just put it aside and worked on other projects that needed to get done for business.

Today I pulled out the 8.5 x 11 sheet I'd made (I like to do backgrounds this way, especially if using time consuming images; it's so much more worth the time and effort to have four cards to make from it!) and got to work. I had had some doubts about the shades of pink I used, but last week when out of town visiting a friend, I passed a house that had these exact same (or so it appeared) shades of pink! It was really startling to see it!
The daisy image under the text has four "holes" in the center for a button look. I smudged some ink of the same color onto the center to "erase" them before adding the text.


Donelda said...

In the end the shades of color turned out beautiful! Glad you kept with it!! Thanks for playing along with the monochromatic smART Word challenge!!

Donelda said...

Yeah, congratulations on being the card drawn!!!!