Wednesday, March 3, 2010

...the joy and rejoicing of my heart

I love this scripture! There is so much to it! For many, the Word of God is not joy and rejoicing, but boredom, or confusion, or just old history and religion. But for those who are called by His name, those who know Him as Lord, it is truly a joy to have His Word, to read of His promises, His grace, His love... Whether we are on the mountain top, or in the valley, His Word is life, and it is Joy.

I haven't worked with cork in ages, so I can't tell you what ink I used, but I can tell you that most inks will need to be heat embossed on cork, even Stazon did not dry otherwise. The camera (ok, the photographer!) did not capture the real look of this card, it looks (hmmm... what's a word that means elegant in a masculine way????) .... well, better in real life!

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