Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's not about me...

I absolutely love this text stamp from smARTworks. So, so true in every way! We do right because ... it's right! Not for what we will get for doing so. :-)

I am about to walk out the door and go to the first art class I have ever taken in my life (outside of required school art, which was always a disaster for me). It's a drawing class, and I am VERY nervous. I've always been embarrasingly behind everyone else in art ... the last kid to learn how to color inside the lines in elementary school, as I often tell people (quite truthfully). I don't mind admitting I'm not naturally artistic, but it does seem I ought to have some modicum of ability if I'm taking a class, right?

So back to my card: this is as simple as it gets: Stazon ink stamped on vellum, attached with brads to a couple of layers of cardstock, including one Martha Stewart-punched border. Much easier than gulp, actually drawing something...

If I don't post for a few weeks, you'll know I was completely humiliated tonight.

Am I being melodramatic here?


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