Friday, May 21, 2010

In a hurry graduation card

If you are a cardmaker, and don't take pictures of your cards, I highly recommend you start doing so. I love the ideas I get from stamping blogs and magazines, but sometimes, as when I created this card, when I am in a tearing hurry, it's great to have a card that I can duplicate precisely ... I know I have the stamps and almost certainly still have some of the matching cardstock! (And even in a hurry, I can't bring myself to dulplicate someone else's card anyway!) This was a card design I had made when I first started doing cards, and remade, with the only change being the cuttlebug die cut I used for the cap. Guy cards always seem to be harder to design, so I'm so glad I had photographed this!

1 comment:

Monica-FC said...

I love the torn edge of the background. that card would great who is graduating.