Monday, October 15, 2012

Isaiah 40 tile

I really hesitated to post this tile, from the set of tiles I with the accidental application of glue instead of sealer which reduced the clarity of image and color, and I had also grabbed the wrong green to fill in the space below the trees.  But additionally, as I have said of the other tiles, the style of these  tumbled tiles just does not make for great photos, at least when I am taking them!  But I am posting it despite my error and the camera's lack of sensitivity (!!) because this really is a great group of images for a tile, coming from smARTworks in a set called Hope Soars.  With more detailed images, I recommend Brilliance inks only; they are the only inks, that I have tried so far, that give a relatively crisp image on tile.  Also, it's especially important to look at where your nooks and crannies are before stamping an image that might be ruined by poor placement.

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Kristie Maynard said...

This is just beautiful. Seeing all these tiles makes me want to pull out some tiles and work on them. Thanks for sharing them.