Saturday, October 6, 2012

Tile Fun!

Here is my update from yesterday's post, which I'm leaving here ... scroll below to see the update!

Well, I have searched high and low for my camera, but cannot find it anywhere. I had three tiles to show you today, but I'll have to settle for this one poor photo. The tile actually is much nicer to look at (yet not good enough to re-create, lol!) than you see here ... I had photographed it simply because I wanted to remember the design before I destroyed it.

No, not because I don't like how it looks in the photo, but because I did one very, very flaky thing. I made about eight of these, each with a different design, including three from Eureka .... and accidently grabbed by glue spray instead of my sealing spray. AAAAUUUGGHHHHHH as Charlie Brown would say! I am happy to say that the glue peeled off the design nicely, so at least I can reuse the tiles! I was waiting to photgraph the others before peeling them off, so I will photgraph them tomorow when my son is home with his camera! So, check this post tomorrow afternoon to see the other two tiles!

I stamped the Fine Art Rose with Versafine black, and chalked in the color. Then I embossed the Names of Jesus in copper.

Well, my hand were a bit shaky, but I think these are a fair representation of the other tiles. This first one is, of course, the same rose with a Joy stamp for the text (this also comes in a larger size):

This one did not turn out well, though I will say it looked better before I accidently sprayed that glue on it. I left it here simply to inspire those of you who can actually color, lol! The fern background really does work nicely, really!


Now this tile is my favorite. It looks nice enough in this picture, but it looked FANTASTIC before I sprayed the glue! I just inked it with Brilliance blue ink, and stamped it on.

I hope I've provided some inspiration! Christmas is coming ... these are a simple, not very time consuming gift! (Well, as long as you keep your spray adhesive far away!!!)

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Kristie Maynard said...

Thanks for this update! These are really quite beautiful. I keep saying I'm going to stamp on some tiles, but I never seem to get to it. Thanks for the inspiration!