Thursday, February 16, 2017

In the News!

Papertrey's post for 2/15 was exciting in seeing that they have newspaper images! How fun!  I have long had a bunch of scans of our local newspaper that someone found in their attic and passed on to me.  As you can see by the card, the papers were in horrible condition.  Moisture had gotten in, so there was water damage, and they were all just crammed together in a corner.  I'd love to someday find a place that can scan and clean them up for me ... the stash is from a few days leading up to the declaration of war on Germany in 1917.  Fascinating stuff.  I had scanned a few pages on my pathetic scanner years ago, but never actually used any.  This challenge gave me the impetus to finally make a card with one of the scans.

This one is of a Wellsville Daily reporter paper published in March of 1917.  I chose the text “Happy Days” because Americans by and large were very isolationist, and therefore, were determined to stay out of the war,  and happily focused on local concerns.  Just weeks after this publication, however, Woodrow Wilson made the declaration that America was declaring war on Germany.

This was a difficult card to design because of the condition of the paper; I could not clean it up any better than this. I also wanted to feature as much of the text as possible because of the historical and cultural relevance for our small community.

The stamped text is from "Happy Hexagons."

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