Friday, December 5, 2008

As simple as it gets!

This is a scan of one of the first Christmas cards I ever made. I have a friend for whom I make a set of Christmas cards each year; I bring her the cards I've made, and she selects a design. We live almost an hour apart, and I didn't think I'd have a chance to see her in person, but since she has recently gotten online, I sent her the link to my Christmas gallery. I was absolutely shocked she chose this card - especially since it (wrongly) looks like the backing of the text is white, instead of the same cream that the poinsetties are made with. I almost wanted to refuse to do it! (How ridiculous is that? Such a quick card to put together!) But the next week I had the chance to send up some cards up to her, so to be sure she wanted it, I remade it. I don't have the same beautiful cream that I used to have, but this one still had the elegance of it, although it's shading is much lighter. I also slightly altered the design, it really needed at least a little improvement made.

She didn't actually end up choosing that card after all, but one that I had designed with her in mind, which I'll post tomorrow.

Tonight, I'm going to curl up with a good book; our college children and two friends just left after coming home for the evening for our annual tree decorating party. I put on (with the help of dh and youngest dd) a huge spread of homemade hors-d'oevres, soup, and cookies), and we play Christmas music while decorating our huge tree, and just have a great time. Our oldest graduates in May, and our son leaves for a five year stint in the Navy in March, so who knows when we'll get to do this all together again... a lovely, though slightly bittersweet evening!

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