Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A last minute journal idea

At the Houghton craft fair, two young women were looking for cooking-related stamps. That got me thinking ... I have a drawer full recipes given to me, copied by me, printed from the computer, etc. While my mom made each of us children a three-ring binder full of recipes, the index cards, magazine pages, etc, aren't easily added. I decided to create a cookbook journal as a last minute gift for the craft store. I would use cardstock so that pictures could be inserted - perhaps of young children or friends making recipes, or somebody's blue ribbon pie at the fair, etc. I also thought the sturdiness of cardstock would work well for attaching recipe cards and other loose recipes. And since hand-written recipes sometimes contain errors, or need notes of explanation, or one desires to just alter them, I included a space to keep a pen right in the journal. I made the covers an extra half in long to accomodate. I also used 1.25 inch wide coils so that it could hold a lot of added recipes.
It was purchased within a week, so I was glad I'd made it! My youngest daughter was impressed with the idea enough that she is now typing up my loose recipes so that I can make one for us!

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