Monday, August 4, 2008

SALT challenge

I have not been able to get to the SALT challenge in ages, and I can't say that I was inspired for this one, which is sad, because I'm so happy to be able to do them again! But life continues to be amazingly busy, and I'm afraid I just won't get to it if I don't finish today ... three weekends in a row with company, and my son just asked if he could bring a bunch of camp staff up Saturday for an end-of-the-summer party. Three of the staff, siblings, are really family to us, and they and their parents moved two hours away last year, so this would be our last chance to see them for awhile. Not to mention since Stephen joins the military (we think) in January, opportunities to do stuff like this for him are waning. Next week we retrieve our oldest daughter from the airport after having spent the summer in Bosnia. Then a visit to my inlaws, then college ... wow!

Anyway, I wanted to have a better text, but I ruined the stamped panel! So I just did the first thing that came to mind for a text (I didn't know what direction I was going when I chose the earth picture), and threw it together. I did some editing to the scan to make it look better, but even the scan itself made things look worse, lol! That purple panel is actually blue!!!) I definitely will take the card apart for other use ... not the first time I've done so with the SALT challenge. :-/

Perhaps I will be better inspired if I have time later this week, and will replace this card, lol!

Meanwhile, I will tell you what's behind the text: a couple of years ago a daughter brought her Geology prof to our house (with some students and another teacher) for dinner, as they had been in town to see the local GPS system. The conversation turned to global warming. The professor, whose career (she was just an adjunct for a semester to accommodate her dh's career move) was in this area, said that while she was completely convinced that global warming was real, she, and all the scientists that she has worked with, believe that the earth is probably able to handle it. She said the big scare is because it's very difficult to get funding for something like this unless scare tactics are used. She was not condoning that, in fact, she and her colleagues get very frustrated with it all. Very interesting! At any rate, whether global warming is a geniune issue or not, I know what God has made is good. The world turns by His command...


Hazel said...

It certainly doesn't look as if you threw this together - it's great. You are obviously so busy - hope you have a bit of 'me' time for crafting. Thanks for once again taking part in our Salt challenge.

mamaluke said...

This is a great card, and such a modern interpretation, brilliant. Thank you for taking part, glad you found some crafting time!