Friday, August 8, 2008

"Tutoring session"

One of the nicest benefits of having a daughter attend a local college is that we get to add more members to the family! Amber shares a flat with our daughter Abbie, and is spending the summer near campus. Though Abbie is still in Bosnia, Amber came & spent the night here to make her beautiful pictures into photo cards! Here are the three cards she finished today:

We had a lot of fun thinking of humour captions for the ladder, like:

*You know you're in trouble when you use this for your "bridge over troubled waters"!

*If this is your bridge over troubled waters, just jump in and try swimming."

Etc, etc. Only my family, lol!


marciad said...

Those are wonderful. Very good photography, too.

jacki jones said...

tell Amber the cards (and especially the pictures)are awesome!

ampug09 said...

Thank you very much!