Friday, August 1, 2008

Wedding photos

We have a young engaged couple here for the weekend; Katy is one of our "adopted" daughters - a close friend of Abbie's from college. Abbie is still in Bosnia, so we're especially delighted they chose to come visit us anyway! We were talking about wedding photographers, and knowing what pictures to include. I thought they should have some inspiration, so I showed them this picture from our wedding album! We still have the same oddball sense of humor, and are leashing four children upon an (mostly)unsuspecting world that have it too!

And just so you don't get too worried about my "bored" look in the above picture, I'm putting this photo here as well! :-)


Sharon in NE said...

Was this like the early 80s because our wedding photo looks very similar! (Not"unique one"...although we're warped too. We just didn't think of that.)


Trish D said...

How sweet! Love your technicolor dress in the second one :)

Sarosa said...

lol, Sharon! 1986! What year were you married?

loni.sue said...

Too cute, Sarah! I see you went for the cozy, intimate wedding. LOL! Thanks for sharing these darling photos.