Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Blog award!

Jacki Jones has awarded this to me - wow! Didn't I say she was an encourager? I need to pass it on to five other bloggers. Hmmm...I hate to admit it, but this has caused me to realize that I am in a blog rut! I am always doing, doing, doing, and it's difficult to make time to just browse the inspiring blogs out there. The names that came to mind automatically are the same ones that came to me the last time I received the blessing and honor of an award. So ... I've decided I'm not going to choose anyone that I have chosen for an award before, in fact, I'm going to find five new blogs that inspire me! It will take a few days, as I'm busily preparing for the craft fair, but I didn't want anyone who saw the post on Jacki's site to think I was ungrateful! So ... in a few days, definitely by Sunday (my only non-stamping day), I'll post again about this!


ampug09 said...

OoOoOOOooo!!!! Are you bringing fun stuff to the fair? Like maybe some linen paper? You don't have to but I will definitely have to go through some of your paper. I have decided on something I would really like to do maybe to earn some extra cash using my photos! I'm really excited about it! (Can you tell?)

Sarosa said...

Amber, I'll e-mail you. I will be bring some exotic papers, but not linen. However, I can sell you what you need anytime. :-)

Absolutely, you MUST do something with your pictures!