Thursday, November 13, 2008

Our light has come!

A camera without batteries is rather useless! Our rechargeable batteries seem to have died, so although I have a couple of cards, I can't photograph them, and they don't scan well. So, I thought I would post this card, my favorite from last year. With time being short before the Houghton Christmas craft fair, I need cards that are either simple, or in this case, duplicates of ones I've made before. I really don't like to make the same card more than once, and when I do, I try to alter it at least a little bit. But I was really pleased with this card, and fortunately, I made an extra circle image last year, so I won't bother altering the design!

The gold embossed circle is colored with opalite inks. When using these on embossed image, apply sparingly; the opalite ink will cause the embossed portion to break down. :-(

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jacki jones said...

you've been named Kreativ blogger!
Come to my blog to see what I said about you ;)