Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Watoto Children's Choir

We're having company stay the night tonight: Three teen/pre-teen boys and their "uncle" (chaperone), part of an exhuberant and inspiring group of orphaned children from Africa. Watoto came to our church two years ago, and it was a wonderful time! We had three little girls and their "auntie" for that visit, and the auntie was incredibly inspiring to my three teen children who were home. She spent the evening after the concert encouraging them in their faith to choose a deep walk with God instead of a shallow one. They still remember it...

The Watoto Children’s Choir’s have toured internationally since 1994. These choirs bring a message of hope to many parts of the world which include countries such as Uganda, Australia, Canada, UK, USA, South Africa, Brazil, Israel, Germany and France. The choir is made up of children who are part of Watoto’s program.

Accompanied by adult choir leaders from KPC, Watoto’s performances are a soulful blend of African rhythm, contemporary gospel and ethnic dance. Through their music the choir share their unique stories and express their new found hope. The children’s energy and sincerity continue to inspire audiences all around the world.

The choir performs to present Watoto’s vision and to give audiences the opportunity to respond to Africa’s HIV/AIDS and war crisis.

‘Concerts of Hope’ are a lively demonstration of the life changing love of God experienced by the children of Watoto.
This experience, gives the children exposure to other cultures broadening their world view. It gives the children confidence and boldness and helps them to rise up out of their own situations of sadness and despair.

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