Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Birthday or Thanksgiving???

My wonderful friend Jacki of the card castle, made this birthday card for me (She attempted to say it was actually a Thanksgiving card...). We both struggle with getting cards sent out on time; my birthday is in September. :-)

Jacki is a constant source of encouragement - as a friend and fellow "princess," and as an artist. She knows what a struggle coloring is for me (I was the last kid to learn how to color inside the lines), and along with this birthday card came a few card samples with the images included for me to copy.

It's interesting to me that in the creative arts, be it music, dance, visual arts, or writing, the ability to teach those things is not automatic. I cringed when a mom once told me that she was encouraging a couple of her children to make sure they minored in education in college so that they could "fall back" on teaching if they didn't get where they wanted to be. I hated anything to do with visual arts or athletics for most of my life, and I suspect that the teachers I had in those areas had gotten their degrees not out of a passion to teach and inspire children, but to "fall back on." They lacked patience, and the ability to bring out what little ability I might have had. Teaching is a gift, and a good teacher makes all the difference.

All that to say, Jacki is gifted as an artist and as a teacher. I am so blessed to have her friendship!

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Lucy said...

wow - simply gorgeous