Friday, August 21, 2009

Cards for soldiers

I love sending scripture cards to my son in the Navy. I'm not sure that he's spending much time in the Word, so this is my way of encouraging him in that area without lecturing. :-)

Unfortunately, I've had these for sometime without mailing it to him or a young friend of ours in the Army for whom I also made one of these.

Last night when I hoped to post, I instead had to turn of the computer. We had incredibly fierce and long-lasting thunder and lightning storms, and I had not turned off the computer when we had a sudden black out. Ouch! I've had enough problems with this new computer without zapping it! So, I unplugged it. When I turned it back on later that night, we could not get the internet going. Fortunately, this morning my daughter got it working.

We have two young people staying with us now. It's so odd; instead of the empty nest I expected to face when I imagined this time years ago (with absolutely no dread, mind you, lol!), we instead have a fuller nest! I love it, though my love of quiet and privacy makes it a challenge at times. It also interfears with my ability to get things done, so I am constantly needing to consciously give my time back to the Lord. I had unexpected adult company last night, but God had helped me actually finish early the things that I absolutely HAD to have done yesterday, so it worked out just great. I really need to trust him more!

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Monica-FC said...

it is wonderful to put our faith in the lord and know that he is always there to help us and guide us.