Saturday, August 29, 2009

"Genuine" Scrapbook pages

I thought I'd show a sample of my "scrapbook" pages. On the left are a couple of scraps; I really did use a bunch of scraps ... I keep drawers of partially used pieces of cardstock. But of course, I added a lot, especially in the efforts to have most "pages" full size. When I paired up two (occasionally three) scraps, I used post-it notes or tape to keep them together when punching the holes. :-)


Trish D said...

Such a fun idea - and it could lead to some very creative "layouts" too! Are you planning on using these yourself, or selling them?

Sarosa said...

Selling ... I don't do any scrapping! In fact, I haven't printed a single photo, other than family wallets, in years! Bad mom!

Monica-FC said...

this is to cool. one can do alot of scrapping or journaling in this book.