Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Some MONTHS are like that!

I can't believe how complicated getting a new computer has been. And I totally do not understand how an "upgrade" can be a downgrade, lol! After a week of trying (with unplanned responsibilities popping up, and a graduation party for our youngest happening this past weekend), my husband finally got the old computer hooked up to get our former photo editing program that came with Windows-whatever-it-was put onto this computer (Vista), but it won't work on the new one. So, I am having to use a really limited editing program. Nonetheless, I'll start putting up cards Thursday. Tomorrow is new Student Orientation for our daughter, so we'll leave early morning (as soon as the carpet layers arrive with our new living room carpet). When we get back, we'll have the great fun of re-setting up the living room! :-/


Monica-FC said...

love the card and love this image. it made me laugh when i saw it. I would love this stamp. where did you get it.

Sarosa said...

Monica, I sell the image mounted on EZ mount, or you can purchase it unmounted through Biblical Impressions. Either way, if you are intersted, would you let me know? Thanks!

Mrs. Guthrie said...

The card rocks.... totally applicable this week!! :) And the computer problem?? I have the answer: It's VISTA!!!! :) (I ordered ours specifically with XP because I wanted to avoid Vista at all costs. ;) )