Monday, August 24, 2009

Home Alone

Actually, I'm not alone, but it's just family, for the first day in over a month ... so it feels like being "home alone," in a group of us sort of a way. :-)

It's been good, but now there are less distractions as I get ready for the craft shop. I spend the afternoon painting a huge bookshelf that I am being allowed to use. It's been crazy. I had some white stain blocking spray paint, that I used up with the shelf, and so I bought another can while at the paint store. When I arrived, I realized to my dismay that somehow, with all the shelves (horizontal AND vertical) on the unit that I was trying to cover, I had completely overlooked the sides of it! So, I sent a daughter back to the store for another can. I don't know why I just thought one more would do it! But I was NOT going to go down again or send my dd! (Small town, remember!). I looked at my cans of white paint and knew those would not be enough. Hmmm... is it possible that at the back of the barn there might be some old cans of spray paint? Ones that allthough years old, cans covered in rust, having been frozen and thawed and baked in the summer heat might do the job? Wow! Two partially used cans! Since I plan to rag on some beige paint, I'm not worried about how it might look, as long as it goes on white! So, spray away. It's odd stuff, I'm continually stepping out of clouds of paint dust, and it's going on the shelf a bit oddly. Oh well. At some point, I actually look at the can label ... it's not regulary paint, it's enamel! At this point, some of it has gone on most of the shelves, so I use it up anyway. Tomorrow I paint ... should be interesting...

I have a "not yet posted" file in my photos, and Saturday, fully intending to post, I moved the card I was going to used to it's proper folder. We had two extras staying with us, and since I'm naturally distractable anyway, I got derailed before starting my post. Of course, I can't remember which card I was going to use. As I looked through all my folders, I discovered this card I had made a couple of months ago for someone. I never posted it, so it seemed a good choice to just go with this one! The gal I made it for is a lot of fun, so I though she might appreciate loud, vibrant color!

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Monica-FC said...

how diod the sheld come with the enmael paint. come out ok??