Monday, September 14, 2009


Monica commented that red liner tape might work for my letters ... I used a double sided sticky tape, but with the narrowness of the letters, it was difficult to apply, so I had switched to a liquid glue. I also was cutting the letters with sizzix dies in my cuttlebug which is rather challenging, so I still don't think I'll ever do this again!

This is one of the cards I rejected before completion, then decided today that I should at least finish it for personal use.


Monica-FC said...

love the card and the way you did the butterflies. I stiull think red-liner will work as after you peel off the red liner, the tape will stick to itself as you see where it sticks out and need to fix it. you know stick it on itself the tape. so nothing shows when you put the letters down on the card. this is what i do and i use skinny letters for scrapbooking. i do this all by hand when I cut them out by hand. I use red-liner tape and it works for me just fine.nothing shows. have some layouts on me blog that shows letters.

Monica-FC said...

dumb question here but what does the word mean on your card by the way?? :) love the brightness.

Sarosa said...

The teacher in me has to say it means "blessings," and that if you think of the English word "benediction," it helps! I love cognates - words that have similar counterparts in another language - because it gets me thinking about word roots!